PhD Program

The Department of Psychology at FIU offers a doctoral PhD major in Cognitive Neuroscience. There is no masters degree in Cognitive Neuroscience.

Students in the PhD program complete a number of core course requirements that provide them with a comprehensive basis in theory, methodology, and content in neuroscience, neuroanatomy, and psychology. Faculty also offer courses in the topics of their specific areas of expertise.

The goal of the program is to train researchers and scholars in the domain of cognitive neuroscience. Thus, there is a strong emphasis on research and students should start on their research program upon arrival. The program has a strong developmental cognitive neuroscience representation, with significant overlap with the Developmental Science Program and Clinical Science Program in Child and Adolescent Psychology Program. Adult cognitive neuroscience and comparative research in avian species, non-human primates, rodents, and pigs are also represented. There is a strong representation in neuroinformatics research in collaboration with faculty in the Department of Physics.

The Cognitive Neuroscience Graduate Program in Psychology is a comprehensive and integrative program that encompasses multiple approaches to the study of cognitive neuroscience. Students are also guided and encouraged to publish their individual research projects, present their work at professional conferences, and are provided opportunities for teaching as part of their graduate training.

Prospective Graduate Students should visit our Prospective Students page for more information about the program.

Course Offerings

The Program Requirements for the Cognitive Neuroscience Program include a number of advanced statistics courses (9 credits), elective options (12 credits), and content course requirements (15 credits). The content course requirements are listed below:

DEP 5058 Bio-Behavioral Development
EXP 5667 Cognitive Neuroscience
EXP 5508 Applied Cognitive Psychology
EXP 5527 Memory and Consciousness
ZOO 5785 Advanced Neurobiology or PSB 6247 Biological Bases of Behavior
PSB 6215 Human Neuroanatomy
CBH 5256 Animal Cognition
CLP 6426 Neuropsychology
PHZ 6706/PSB 6350 Cognitive Neuroimaging Methods I
PHZ 6707/PSB 6351 Cognitive Neuroimaging Methods II

Masters Project

Along the way to the PhD, students must complete a masters project. Details about completing this project are provided here.

Forms associated with the Master Project can be downloaded here.