First Year Course Recommendations

First Year Cognitive Neuroscience Students need to enroll in statistics for both semesters. The course options are:

Fall: PSY 5939 Special Topics: Quantitative Methods I (Dr. Joe Raiker)

Spring: PSY 5939 Special Topics: Quantitative Methods II (Dr. Justin Parent)

For Fall 2017, students have two additional course options, which meet Core requirements.

EXP 5667 Cognitive Neuroscience (Dr. Anthony Dick)

PSB 6215 Human Neuroanatomy (Dr. Anthony Dick)

Special Topics: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (Dr. Aaron Mattfeld)

For Spring 2018, students can choose two courses in addition to statistics. The options that meet Core requirements are:

DEP 5058 Biological Basis of Behavior Development (Dr. Robert Lickliter)

CLP 6426 Clinical Neuropsychology (Dr. Raul Gonzalez)