First Year Course Recommendations

First Year Cognitive Neuroscience Students need to enroll in statistics for both semesters. The course options are:

Fall: PSY 5939 Special Topics: Quantitative Methods I (Prof. Joe Raiker)

Spring: PSY 5939 Special Topics: Quantitative Methods II (Prof. Miguel Villodes)

For Fall 2016, students have two additional course options, which meet Core requirements.

PSY 5939 Computational Neuroscience (Prof. Fabián Soto)

PSB 6247 Biological Bases of Behavior (Prof. Timothy Allen)

For Spring 2017, students can choose two courses in addition to statistics. The options that meet Core requirements are:

PSB 6351/PHZ 6707 Cognitive Neuroscience Methods II (Prof. Aaron Mattfeld)

EXP 5527 Memory and Consciousness (Prof. Bennett Schwartz)

EXP 5508 Applied Cognitive Psychology (Prof. Ronald Fisher)